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2017 DHP Program at NPTU | August 21-25

DHP Program launched in 2012 by Daegu National University of Education, Korea, Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Japan, and National Pingtung University of Education (Now National Pingtung University), Taiwan. Three universities had done very good job in organizing this event in turns. The annual conference offers students the opportunity to network, exchange best practice and better understand other cultures, which will help students enhance their international mobility and develop their career.

The 5th DHP Program is held from August 21-25, 2017 in Pingtung, Taiwan, organized by NPTU and Pingtung County Government Education Department. The theme of this year’s DHP program is “Multicultural Education”. The topic is very important because we all live now in a global village, where understandings and appreciations of different languages, cultures, foods, arts, and technology advancements etc., are definitely necessary through multicultural education.

There are 36 students, 14 groups who gave their presentations in English in this year’s conference. Talks include topics of education, science, cross-cultural activities, music, mentoring, school systems, adventure etc. All students were well prepared and used fluent English to present their studies. Several fruitful discussions were also carried out in the Q & A after talks.

NPTU and the co-organizer, PCGED also arranged a field trip for DHP participants to visit the Evergreen Lily elementary school in Pingtung. This indigenous elementary school is unique in many aspects in primary education. It also reflects part of the multicultural education in Taiwan. The DHP participants also visited the indigenous culture park to experience very different aboriginal cultures in Taiwan.

Although there was a typhoon during the five-day DHP program, the event was very successful. A lot of dynamic discussions and friendships were carried out during the period of DHP program. After the end of the second round of DHP, all three universities are looking forward to the third run of this exciting event. See you next year in Hygo, Japan! 

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