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Our staff

Office of International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Yawteng Tseng, Dean

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17000

e-mail: chargedw@yahoo.com.tw


International Cooperation Section

Dr. Guei-Hua Huang, Director

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17300

e-mail: ghuang@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Mrs. Ya-Ping Huang, Global Partnership Manager

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17301

e-mail: yph@mail.nptu.edu.tw

________________, Global Partnership Manager

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17302


International Student Affairs Section

Dr. Hung-Ju Chien, Director

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17100

e-mail: jackychien@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Mrs. Ying-Ying Fang, International Student Advising Manager

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17101

e-mail: graceing@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Ms. Kuei-Chen(Belinda) Lin, International Student Advising Manager

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17102

e-mail: belinda168@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Cross-Strait Affairs Section


Dr. You, Chen, Director

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17200

e-mail: phkuo@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Ms. Yi-Ting(Emma), Yang,  Cross-Strait Partnership Manager

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17201

e-mail: a-reui@ mail.nptu.edu.tw

Mr. Yu-Ting, Cheng, Cross-Strait Partnership manager 

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17202

e-mail: chengyt1127@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Southeast Asia Development Center

Dr. Hui-Wei Liu, Director 

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17000

e-mail: huaiwei@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Ms. Sonia Lee

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 17401


Chinese Language Center

Dr. Huai-Wei Liu, Director  

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 24000

 e-mail: huaiwei@mail.nptu.edu.tw

Mrs. Tsai, Administrative Assistant

Tel: +886(0)-8-766-3800 ext 24002

e-mail: clc@mail.nptu.edu.tw